ATM Safety

We at want to share a post by the Bismarck Police Department regarding ATM Safety per the following:

Criminals are always on the lookout for opportunities to take advantage of people and their property, especially in hard economic times.  There are over 420,000 ATM’s in the US and Canada.  That is a lot of opportunities when cash is readily available.

 Follow Safe Practices

  • Look at the surroundings as you approach your ATM.  The location should be open and not hidden. At night there should be good lighting.
  • Do not withdraw large amounts of cash.  Conceal your withdrawal before turning around and leave the area quickly.
  • When using a drive-up ATM, scan the area, keep your car engine running and doors locked.  Drive away quickly and safely.  Avoid isolated locations.
  • Try to use the ATM in the daytime when you are more visible.  Many ATM robberies occur between midnight and 4 a.m.
  • Use the buddy system when possible.  Most robberies are committed against a single victim by a lone robber.
  • If you feel someone is too close behind you as you complete your transaction, ask them to step back.
  • Try to limit your time at the ATM.  Be ready to do your transaction quickly.  Fill out any paperwork in your vehicle prior to approaching the machine.
  • Cover or conceal your PIN number when using the key pad.  This is true even if you are in a business using a credit/debit card.  Do not write down your PIN number or give it out.
  • Be aware of any unusual or strange attachments on the machine, especially in the area where you insert your card.  If you are suspicious, DO NOT INSERT your card.  Contact management immediately.

  Other Safety Tips

  • Report any unsafe conditions or practices to the financial institution management.
  • If confronted by a robber, do not resist.  Do not put yourself in any more danger.
  • Be a good witness if something happens.  Stay calm and report the incident immediately to the police.
  • Consider a consumer protection monitoring service for the risk of Identity Theft.

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