Community Safety

Fire Extinguisher Safety – Video

Do you know what the acronym P.A.S.S. means when it comes to fire extinguisher use? We at want to share a post and video by Allstate Insurance regarding the proper use […]

9 p.m. Routine

We at want to share the 9 p.m. Routine which is a national social media campaign police departments around the country are joining. Police Departments are posting checklists on […]

Being Nosy Can Keep You Safe: Suspect a Leak – Video

The recent gas explosions in Massachusetts is a reminder of the dangers involving natural gas. We at want to share a video by the AGA on how to detect […]

SUV Accidents Increase Pedestrian Fatalities – Video

We at want to share a video by NBC Nightly News regarding Pedestrian Fatalities and SUV Accidents on the Rise per the following: (click on image below to view […]