School Safety

Taking Selfies Safety Tips

  We at want to share a Exercise Safety When Taking Selfies post by Family Online Safety Institute per the following: Selfies: The recent phenomenon for millennials. A “selfie” is […]

Rebar Cap Horseshoe Stakes

We at want to share a quick safety tip for your outdoor fun this summer. Place a rebar cap on horseshoe stakes to eliminate an impalement hazard. Rebar caps […]

Being Nosey Can Keep You Safe: Suspect a Leak – Video

Some recent high profile gas explosions serve as reminders of the dangers involving natural gas. We at want to share a video by AGA regarding how to detect a […]

Artificial Turf Potential Cancer Link – Video

We at want to share a video by NBC Nightly News the explores the potential link between crumb rubber utilized in artificial turf fields and a potential cancer link […]

Portable Soccer Goal Hazard – Video

Did you know that portable soccer goals are responsible for 42 Deaths since 1979? We at want to share a video by CBS New York regarding Portable Soccer Goal […]