Clear Snow From Home Exhaust Pipes – Video

We at want to share a post and video by WPRI 12 that emphasizes the importance to Clear Snow From Home Exhaust Pipes. Make sure your home’s heating system, hot water heater, clothes dryer etc. exhaust pipes are clear from drifting snow. Drifting snow can rise high enough to cover the exhaust pipes during and after snow storms.

In addition, make sure the exhaust pipes do not get covered with piled snow during the snow removal process. These are important safety measures to prevent Carbon Monoxide (CO) from entering your home during and after snow storms. The same concept of clearing snow applies to your vehicle’s exhaust pipe as well.

Please note that Carbon Monoxide is colorless, odorless, tasteless and deadly. Therefore, confirm your carbon monoxide detectors are working properly, have fresh batteries and haven’t expired (5 to 7 years old). Also, keep utility meters clear from snow so they can be accessed in case of an emergency (Click On Image Below To View Video):


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