Defensive Driving Tip – Slippery Roads

We at want to share a quick Defensive Driving Tip per the following:

Roads are the slipperiest when it first starts to rain due to the buildup of oil and dust on the roadway. This is particularly true in warmer weather and if there has been a dry spell. The warmer weather draws oil from the asphalt to the surface.

Dry spells allows for the heavy accumulation of oil and dust on the roadway since it hasn’t rained in awhile. Your vehicle’s tires will lose grip in both turns and braking. Therefore, slow down and increase braking distance with other vehicles.

You should consider taking a defensive driving course regardless of age and driving experience. We can assure that you will learn at least one safe driving tip. Courses can be performed on-line and car insurance companies typically provide a policy discount upon completion of the course. Call your insurance company prior to taking the course to see if it qualifies for a discount.

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