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No one ever plans on being in an accident and unable to communicate.  However, if you are, a simple entry in your cell phone can provide first responders with a designated contact, of your choice, to speak for you.   Simply program your emergency contacts’ information in your cell phone under the contact name/group of “ICE”, or under Medical ID (provides medical information as well).  First responders are trained to look for this contact/medical information in your cell phone.  Typically the emergency contact/medical information will be accessible on the cell phone’s locked screen.  The ICE/Medical ID contact information is commonly used as a supplement to any medical alert information that is to be carried on one’s person i.e. bracelets, necklaces and wallet.

For an instructional video on how to program your Medical ID on iPhone click here.

For an instructional video on how to program your ICE on a Galaxy phone click here.

You can search YouTube for instructions on how to program additional cell phones.




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One thought on “Do you know about ICE (In Case of Emergency)?

  • Adam Martin

    This is a great way to store your medical information. People who don’t wear watches for them there are many options too like a Medical wristband, Medical id cards, tags, Medical id bracelets and many more.