Ice Dam Prevention

ice dams

We at want to provide some information regarding Ice Dams. The accumulation of snow on a roof can result in Ice Dams. The Ice Dams form when water from the melting snow refreezes at the gutter line.

The ice then prevents any water from entering the gutter hence the label Ice Dam (see figure below). The water will then continue to buildup until it finds a path of least resistance. Unfortunately, the path of least resistance will typically be inside your home causing damage to flooring, sheet rock, insulation and creating mold.

One of the safest ways to remove roof snow is utilizing a roof rake. Click on advertisement to view product:

The Northern exposure of homes are more susceptible to Ice Dams. The presence of icicles at your gutter line is an indicator of Ice Dams. There are some methods for preventing and removing Ice Dams click here.

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