“Move Over”, It’s The Law

Move Over

We at ivalueSafety,com are reposting this safety tip due to the recent death of a first responder in NJ,  A NJ State Trooper was killed while at the scene of a car fire along an NJ highway.  Please remember to Move Over and “protect those who protect you”.

Did you know that each year thousands of First Responders are injured or killed by passing vehicles along highways?

Most states have adopted the “Move Over”  Law.  That means, if an Emergency Vehicle has its emergency lights activated while assisting a vehicle along the highway, you must Move Over into the next lane.  If conditions don’t allow you to Move Over, slow down at least 20 MPH below the posted speed limit as you pass the scene.  Help protect the lives of those who protect you.

For additional Mover Over Law information including a video you can visit Move Over America.

For a breakdown of Mover Over Law by state including clarification of “Emergency Vehicles” click AAA.

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