Saint Patrick’s Day Safety Tips


There were a total of 276 lives lost in drunk-driving crashes over Saint Patrick’s Day between 2009 to 2013.  We at want to share some Saint Patrick’s Day Safety Tips:

These rules for safety are written in mind that you and everyone around you should return home safely.

  • Know Your Limits: Everyone wants to enjoy themselves, but know your limit. You do not want to become a burden on others and should at least remember what you did during the night.
  • Have a Taxi Number in Your Phone and Memorized: If your designated driver drinks and no one is your party is sober, do not drive drunk! Your car is not worth more than your life.
  • Have a Designated Driver: If you are taking a car with your party, someone has to abstain from drinking for the night. This will ensure that everyone will get home safely. There are also local companies that specifically offer Designated Driver Services.
  • Travel in Numbers: At the parade and at parties, there will be many people and it is better to stay together. Do not allow members of your party to go off with strangers.
  • Keep Your Wallet in Your Front Pocket/Watch Your Purse: Sadly, people will take advantage of people who are having fun. Keep valuables close.
  • Watch Your Drink: If you put it down and walk away, consider your drink gone. Who knows who could have picked it up or put something in it? Remember, there is no shame bringing your drink to the bathroom with you.
  • Charge Your Phone and Put It in Energy Saver Mode: If you are traveling with others or going to drive home, be sure to have a full charge and use your phone sparingly. Some bars offer charging stations for a price, but why should you be worrying about a charging phone when you should be having fun?
  • Have Someone Know Where You Are: It is always beneficial to have someone know where you will be for the night. Just in case anyone is misplaced during the night and to prevent family and friends from worrying.

Be safe. Do not drink and drive.

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