Campus Safety

Clear Snow From Home Exhaust Pipes – Video

We at want to share a post and video by WPRI 12 that emphasizes the importance to Clear Snow From Home Exhaust Pipes. Make sure your home’s heating system, hot […]

Keep Fire Hydrants Clear

We at are sharing this post to raise awareness of the importance to Keep Fire Hydrants Clear per the following: Fire departments urge residents to clear ice and snow from fire […]

Identifying Hazardous Trees – Video

Arbor Day is a day that encourages the planting/caring of trees. The monitoring of trees all year round in high target areas is necessary to prevent property damage, personal injury or […]

If You See Something, Say Something

We are all recently reminded of the importance of If You See Something, Say Something. “Together, we can help keep our community safe”. We would like to share a post […]