Weed Eater Safety

We at ivalueSafety.com want to share a post by Teen Lawn Care regarding 26 Tips for Weed Eater Safety per the following:

Weed eater safety is a serious problem. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimated that in 1989, about 4,600 injuries were treated by emergency departments as a result of weed eater use. One third of these injuries were eye injuries.

Hopefully you won’t get hurt as a result of running your teen lawn service. However, the following 26 tips can help you to keep your body intact.

Weed Eating Safety Tips

1. Wear thick boots while weed eating to protect your feet.

2. Wear eye and ear protection. (Remember those ONE THIRD being eye injuries?)

3. Read the operating manual for your weed eater.

4. Wear long pants to protect your legs.

5. Before beginning to cut vegetation, clear the trimming area stones, sticks, wire, and other debris prior to weed eating.

6. Use a fire-safe muffler in dry conditions.

7. Wear relatively tight-fitting clothing and tie back your long hair– loose clothing and long hair can get caught in the moving parts of a weed eater.

8. Cut the engine and disconnect the spark plug wire when making repairs and modifications to the weed eater.

9. Wear shoes with good traction so you don’t slip and lose control of your weed eater.

10. Wear work gloves while using/working on the weed eater to protect your hands.

11. Make sure to use the correct fuel mixture if the weed eater is gas powered.

12. Wait until the engine is cooled down before putting gas in the weed eater.

13. Stop the weed eater abruptly if someone comes within 30 to 60 feet of you because weed eaters can fling debris violently, up to 30 feet.

14. Be sure your weed eater does not have loose belts or ineffective guards.

15. Periodically check your weed eater for damage or wear.

16. Permit the weed eater’s engine to return to idle speed when you are not actually trimming.

17. Keep the weed eater’s cutting part beneath waist height.

18. Only allow the blade to rotate as fast as it needs to in order to cut your objective vegetation.

19. Start the engine on firm ground in an open place, holding the weed eater with two hands while having good balance and footing.

20. After use, secure the weed eater in order to avoid gas spillage and or damage when moving the unit.

21. Don’t allow grass and other debris to pile up on the weed eater because this accumulation is a fire hazard.

22. After use, make sure the trimmer tool is shielded with the carrying guard.

23. Also after use, allow the engine to idle down for a few minutes so it can cool off.

24. Stop the engine prior to setting the weed eater down.

25. Don’t wear headphones if you are weed eating near a road.

26. Don’t try to do any mechanical work on the weed eater when it is running.

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  1. It is very helpful tips for all, who work in the garden. How to use properly the weed eater, this post explain everything. thank you for the useful post.